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Since we don't operate like a thrift store, please familiarize yourself with the following donation procedures prior to delivering your materials to us. When you arrive with your donation, a staff member will check your items: we can't always accommodate everything due to space constraints, overstock, or items not on our Materials List. We're happy to answer calls at 720-379-5328 if you have questions about your items, or if you have a large quantity of materials; if we can't take it, we might know of another place that can.  We also weigh each donation so that our waste diversion impact is measurable. Thanks for understanding when we also can't dispose of any unaccepted donations on your behalf because we have no trash service.  After we've processed your donation, we'll provide you with a tax donation receipt.

All donations are 100% tax deductible.

Want to earn a 15% Off Preferred Donor coupon towards a future purchase at our store? Follow these guidelines when preparing your donations:

1. Fill a minimum of one paper grocery sack or equivalent box with CLEAN items from our Materials List only. 
2. Organize and bundle like items together, (like photos, etc.). Place small similar items (like buttons) in a clear ziplock bag. Organizing items by color is greatly appreciated but optional.
3. Stabilize glass in frames with masking tape and ensure that fragile items are protected from breakage. 
4. Remove puzzle and board game pieces from their boxes and place in clear ziplock bags. 
5. Glue sticks and bottles, paints, and similar liquids should be at least 1/2 full and still flowing and viable; NO dried or oozing glues, paint tubes or containers.
6. NO food containers of any kind except CLEAN, decorative,
and vintage tins.
7. Pill bottles must be impeccably clean and free of labels.  NO EXCEPTIONS.
9. SHARING THE STORIES IN YOUR STUFF is optional but deeply appreciated  because it adds value to the humblest of items. Knowing where an item comes from -- its history and provenance --  transforms mere "things" into meaningful objects with a story to share, especially for artists. It can be anonymous. Or not. Please consider sharing your stories with us in a simple note tucked into your bag(s). 

Donations must meet the criteria above to earn a Preferred Donor coupon. Coupon must be presented at check-out. Thanks for your attention to the details,

and for supporting Art Parts with your donations. 


It's not only a violation of our lease but illegal in Boulder County.

Businesses -- Call or email us to arrange a free site visit and free materials pick-up of your non-hazardous surplus.


* That 77 cents of every dollar we earn goes solely to pay our rent?

* That we are 98% volunteer-powered?

* That your financial support could  help pay for additional staff to serve you better?


Send your checks to:

Art Parts Creative Reuse Center

2870 Bluff Street

Boulder, CO  80301

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Thank you!

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Donations of 1 - 2 boxes/bags are accepted​​​​​​​ during business hours, Tues. - Sat., 10:30 - 5:30; Thurs. noon - 7pm. We accept 3+ boxes/bags of clean, non-toxic creative materials

from businesses and individuals on

Fridays & Saturdays,

10:30am - 5:30pm

To see what items we accept, please review our
Materials Listbelow.


we're unable to accept fabric, frame corners, crayons, corks,

clothing patterns, construction paper,

pens/pencils/kids markers 

until further notice.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.